Dienstag, 22. Oktober 2013

My Dear

Die nächste Möglichkeit für die Anmeldung zum Wettbewerb, die Rohversion von MY DEAR!!!


Und hier die endgültige Version!!


My Dear

I'm alive and that's the main reason why
I feel I fly (I can fly), don't see the otherside

Of the medal, the world, just see the travelling birds
And I feel high in the sky, but only in my mind

I know_ I have been strong and so on,
But I'll defeat my fear
And I will fight for you, Dear
I_ have really waited too long
To take the step on my own
And now I feel like gravity's gone

Please don't go, please don't let me fall again
My trembling bones (trembling bones) could break down every moment

There's a thing that's growing in my mind
And if you can't hold me back, no one can save my neck

I swear_ I will come over to you,
But I'll defeat my fear
And I will fight for you, Dear
We_ 've been separated for too long,
But if not now eventually,
I know I wont have you by me

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